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Free Money Friday - COVID-19 Grants

The effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic have been taxing and can potentially send shock waves through the global economy for decades to come. While this event can be daunting, there are organizations lending a helping hand via donations and grant funds. For example, some retailers are giving health care workers free equipment, scrubs, and meals. In other cases, foundations and sponsors are making grants available to support nonprofits and individuals that are in a crunch because of state and local mandates. Many of the grants are state-specific and can be used for a variety of reasons including salary relief, providing meals for children, supporting artistic endeavors, or sustaining community efforts.

We want to highlight these grants to remind you there is hope during these turbulent times.

Grant Links:

  1. Grants for Nonprofits to Feed Children

  2. Grants to New York Nonprofits for Financial Support

  3. Grants to California Nonprofits for Financial Support

  4. Grants to New York Nonprofits to Support Disadvantaged

  5. Grants to US Research Institutions to Study COVID-19 Cardiovascular Impact

  6. Grants to Develop COVID-19 Treatments

  7. Grants to Disadvantaged New York Individuals

  8. Grants to California Businesses for Financial Support

  9. Grants to US Organizations to Prevent COVID-19 Bias

  10. Grants for Colorado Artists

  11. Grants to USA Art Curator or Historian

Need help applying for a grant? Contact us today!

This series highlights grants that are available at the federal, state, and local levels. New grants are added every Friday.

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