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Free Money Friday - AARP Purpose Prize

Are you an educator that teaches courses on entrepreneurship or free enterprise? If so, this grant is for you! The Leavey Awards celebrate people who teach others how to be an entrepreneur or the ins and outs of free enterprise. Instructors at the elementary, junior high school, high school, and collegiate level can apply. The funder will award each of the 20 instructors with $7,500 in recognition of their dedication to teaching entrepreneurial principles.

To apply, the candidate must be a full-time educator and submit a pre-qualification summary of a project assigned to their students. The application must demonstrate innovation in teaching or a program or project that develops the students' understanding and appreciation of the free enterprise system. You will also need letters of recommendation, a completed nomination form, and samples of the students' work or pictures of the projects.

Hurry this one is closing soon. Apply now.

Special Considerations

· Must be a full-time educator

· Must complete Pre-qualification form

· Must have references

· Must include samples of work or project pictures

Grant Link: The Leavey Awards

Deadline: March 01, 2020

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