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COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists

The National Geographic Society is offering an emergency fund for journalists reporting on the Coronavirus Outbreak. Writers, photographers, videographers, audio journalists and many others are eligible for the award starting at $1,000. It is especially intended for reporting done on social, economic, emotional and equity issues.

The emergency fund will place emphasis on delivering news to underserved communities. Priority will be given to populations hit especially hard by the virus such as: indigenous communities, immigrant or refugee communities, urban, rural, and elderly populations.

The money is designed to deliver support so that both stories and longer series can continue to be created. Applicants can use the grant as 100% reimbursement.

The award is available up to $8,000 and the deadline is ongoing.

For more eligibility information head to the National Geographic Society's website.

You can find more information for eligibility, and apply here.

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