Grant Writing

We at Elite Expertise are excited about your business’s growth and are committed to helping you create additional streams of income. We look forward to helping you find a grant that aligns with your mission and vision.


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The process begins with our Discovery Form. We ask you to complete it so we can learn more about your business and find the best grants for you. We ask you to provide information such as:

  • Business Type (sole proprietor, LLC, etc.)

  • Minority or Veteran Owned

  • 501(c)(3) organization

  • Target Population

  • Services Offered

  • Rural Business

  • Amount Desired

  • Intended Use of Funds


We search multiple grant databases to find grants that best align with your mission and vision. We consider multiple factors including your organizational structure, experience, grant deadlines, and grant amounts to suggest grants for you and provide several for you to review.

You select one grant for us to develop a proposal for. You should consider things such as how competitive the grant is and your organization's ability to meet its goals. If you would like for us to develop multiple proposals, ask us about our retainer fees.

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We will provide a draft for your feedback, and then we apply on your behalf or, if you choose, give you the materials so you can apply on your own.

For applications that require file uploads, we produce professionally designed proposals to help you stand out. We give you so much more than a Word document. Your proposal will be polished and professionally designed. We will also give you the text version of the application for future reference.

Lastly, we do not guarantee you will win the grant because we do not have a relationship with the sponsors and successful proposals also depend on the strength and maturity of the organization.